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      Greetings my fellow villains,

      I’d like to explain why we made this site and why we feel it’s important not to rely on FaceBook for all our club comings and goings. Of course, annoying as ‘FB’ is, it’s where so many people spend their social networking time and we’ll continue as usual to post our events host photos and just chat. So why duplicate those functions here? It’s about privacy, control and focus. Here, no one is gathering your likes, viewing habits and other personal details and using them to sell advertising and who knows what else. Many people are concerned with what FB does with the information they collect or they’re just tired of Facebook. Everything comes and goes. Facebook will be no exception.

      And it’s about controlling our own history. You may not have noticed, but FB is quietly deleting past events for groups. So far, for us, they have deleted everything previous to 2013. So if you care about your history, like we do, or if you want to keep something, don’t put it on ‘free’ social media.

      Other things we’ll be able to do here are deal better with RSVP’s on events. Often we have a limit on how many people we can have at a venue or there may be a charge to the event. This site can be a one-stop shop for handling those limits or collecting funds for entry. Most of the time we’ll just use FB for event RSVP’s but for more ‘controlled’ events we’ll do those here.

      Lastly, it’s about focus. Open social media site are all about the ‘shiny’. So many things are drawing your attention away that it all become a blur and we get lost in the overwhelming sea of information poured onto your screen. Here, the focus remains on us and all the fun things we’re doing.

      Please let us know what you think. We’re always looking to move forward and keep up with the times.

      Dr. Nathaniel Blackheart and the Cabinet of the LOPV

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