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      My fellow fiends,

      I have been traveling and have only returned but a fortnight ago. Alas, I am called to the white dust of the Playa soon, but before I depart, I wanted to express my appreciation at all your glorious exploits!

      I do hope that we shall meet soon, for I will be a regular fixture in Victorian London this year, so if you happen to be present at the Fair again this year, do keep an eye out for me… I shall be the only rose amongst the Sweeps.

      So the news has reached my ears that you lack accomodations for which to gather, and I may be able to offer a remedy to this. It would require to be scheduled in the upcoming winter months (after the portal to Victorian London has closed).

      Perhaps cocktails and a dinner party with entertainments in a lavish Victorian would tickle your fancy? There are those amongst you who have seen my abode and may attest to it being a suitable option to consider.

      Until then my friends, be well and trigger pinkies up!